The Hansen Family

Our names are Paul and Jackie Hansen, the owners and operators of Promised Land Natural Farm. We are assisted by our adult children, our son Eric & his wife Katie, our granddaughters Molly, Daisy & Frankie, daughters Amy and Katie & her husband Anthony. Unlike many of our fellow farmers we are first generation farmers who started as backyard gardeners and felt a calling to move up to farming. We spend several years looking for property and we were blessed to find 2 ¾ acres in the neighborhood of Yardley Estates in Lower Makefield. The property was originally owned by a farmer who sold the development rights that eventually became Yardley Estates. In 1994 we purchased the remaining acres that he retained. We feel God led us to this beautiful property and this is how we came up with the name Promised Land Natural Farm.

The principals that guide the way we farm are to stay small enough to be able to…

            * Stay a true family farm and do all the work ourselves and with the help of family.

            * Not keep moving to purchase more land and start over every few years.

            * Keep away from expensive farm equipment.

            * Develop a farm that would be sustainable economically and environmentally that would

                let us farm for as long as we could and leave the land better than we started with.

We started on a small scale concentrating on growing lettuce and tomatoes for restaurant use then in 2007 we transitioned into selling our produce at farmer's markets only. Throughout trial and error, we developed a unique farming method that has worked for us on a small scale to produce a wide range of produce seasonally. We have blended our gardening techniques with that of farming to achieve where we are today. We farm one acre of our land. We grow without any chemical based fertilizer, fungicide for fungus, herbicides for weed control (all weeding is done by hand or mulch) or chemical pesticides for insect control. We spend a great effort enriching and enhancing our soil through a compost of leaves (supplied by Lower Makefield Township), mineral supplements and crop rotation. We believe this gives you the most nutritious and best tasting vegetables possible.